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Toccoa River kayak  rentals, Blue Ridge, GA

Toccoa River kayak  rentals, Blue Ridge, GA

The river stretches nearly 60 miles from its headwaters on the Tennessee Valley Divide near the town of Suches to where it crosses the state line into Tennessee at McCaysville in Fannin County. Along the way, Blue Ridge Lake interrupts the river's flow. The lake is what gives the river its two different faces. Above the impoundment, the Toccoa resembles a typical North Georgia trout stream, albeit a large one. Below the lake, Blue Ridge Dam regulates the river's flow. The result is a typical tail water fishery characterized by water more easily floated than waded and rapid water level changes that dramatically affect the fishing.

Natural trout reproduction in the river itself is very limited, so most of the fish caught are stocked rainbows. Not only does the Toccoa receive its own stockings, but a few of its tributaries - namely Coopers and Rock creeks - are some of the most heavily stocked trout streams in Georgia. Trout wandering downstream into the Toccoa make good use of its abundant food supply, and quality fish are possible.

Wild browns and rainbows that have migrated out of the tributary streams are also possibilities and add extra interest to the angling. With all the fish the river receives, either directly or indirectly, it is not surprising that the angling is as good as it is.

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